Harvard University

Graduate-level courses

GOV2014: Research Design in Political Science: Qualitative and Mixed Methods (Spring 2021) 📖  

GOV2105: Field Seminar in Comparative Politics (Spring 2020) 📖 

GOV2102: Politics of Development (Fall 2020) 📖 

GOV2221: Political Science and the Middle East (Spring 2021) 📖 

Undergraduate-level courses

GENED1008: Power and Identity in the Middle East (Spring 2020) 📖 

GOV94: Peacebuilding: Approaches to Reducing Ethnoreligious Violence (Fall 2020) 📖 

Brown University

Graduate-level courses

POLS2050: Prospectus Writing Seminar

PS211: Proseminar in Comparative Politics

Undergraduate-level courses

POLS0200: Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLS1270: Middle East Politics

POLS1450: Political Economy of Development

POLS1821X: Politics of Social Welfare in the Middle East

POLS1822T: Politics of Health in the Global South